Krisso's Golden Plains

I had to make a decision this week .. attend GP or attend a 3RRR interview and live play with Summon the Birds .. When I first realised the dates clashed I thought I would miss half of the festival but the line up at GP was just too good to miss 

Golden Plains.png

After 1 hr of waiting in line we were in .. Arrival and tents set up,  back at the same spot as the last years 2015,2017,2018.. with fantastic view of the gorge .. 

Waiting for the opening ceremony while listening to some Mogwai on Nicks phone and having a beers in anticipation for the weekend ahead ..  

Ok first up and to kick off the festival Tropical Fuck storm ... powerful female rhythm section, as a band, they put on a great passionate show, fuck'n great start !! These people  know how to Rock ... Batpis up next .. very rocky with good energy and presence .. 

Thundercat and fuck do they thunder !! Fusion  at its best .. very nice 32 notes to the bar the crowd were a little stunned by the technical musicality of these fellas but as a drummer and lover of Jazz styles I thought they were brilliant .. Kamasi Williams sat in for a solo and an early treat for his upcoming set

Kamasi Washington ... was excellent and his band were fantastic as you would imagine Contemporary jazz at its best really, 

Mogwai!! Woah is all I have to say .. an amazing show .. great drummer 

The Avalanches: As you would expect they played a great show but I have to admit it was late into the night so this all I could manage in the way of pics 

Wet lips: way cool chicks doing there thing Jen Cloeha and Courtney Barnett on stage together fantastic energy

Lee Feilds and the  Expression Old school soul the man played the crowd beautifully these old dudes know how to entertain that's for sure 

Grizzly bear: I was looking forward to see these guy and they didn't disappoint at all 

After 36 hrs of live music I was tired so I shuffled of to bed feeling great and incredibly inspired