Milky's Workers Club History

Back in 2012, Summon the Birds launched our debut album, 48, at The Workers Club alongside All India Radio, who were launching Red Shadow Landing, my favourite album of theirs.

Around the time my daughter was born in 2010, I played at The Workers Club as one of multiple guitarists in Gersey frontman Craig Jackson’s band The Sirens of Venice. Back before it was The Workers Club, it was the legendary Rob Roy, where I saw Phil Elvrum perform an achingly intimate set as The Microphones in 2004.

The following year I played my first Melbourne gig in instrumental band Bury the Sound. And over the years I’ve seen plenty of bands play there, including The Devastations, Cam Butler and This is Your Captain Speaking. So to say I’ve got something of a relationship with the venue is an understatement. Alongside STB mainstay the Yarra Hotel in Abbotsford, The Workers Club is definitely one of my favourite venues in Melbourne.

It strikes the perfect balance between being small enough to remain intimate, while having sufficient space to pack in plenty of punters and create a decent atmosphere. To say I’m looking forward to launching Blood Love there is an understatement.